Robotics is the branch of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics that deals with the design, construction, operation, and application of robots. In this professional course, we are focusing children aged 4-13 years to learn based on their age group. We are enlightening them about the basics of robotic assemble, principles of electrical and electronic structure. Children can build and program many different functional robots.   Robotics for Kids uses fun, hands-on projects to get your child’s creative juices flowing. Your child will learn how to build and program robots with LEGO bricks and software, all while making friends, developing new skills and having a great time with STEM. For many kids, robotics class is a highlight of their week.

We have several kid’s robotics programs available to fully engage and challenge your aspiring engineer, computer programmer or scientist. A great way to learn STEM!!!!

How we teach kids robotics each week:
In each Robotics for Kids class, your child and a buddy work together to plan and build a new robot using LEGO bricks, letting their creativity and imaginations loose. Along the way, they learn science and engineering concepts, such as how pulleys, levers and motors work.

As the kids’ robots take shape, they experiment with LEGO. They discover how to apply computer programming concepts and find new ways to get their “bot” moving.

Then, the energy levels (and smiles) really reach a high point, as the kids challenge other teams to friendly match or take part in imaginative play.

At the end of each robotics class, your child enjoys a wrap-up activity to reinforce the STEM skills he or she learned in class. 

Few reasons your child will love Robotics for Kids:

  1. ​Unique STEM curriculum. While your child is having a blast creating robots, you’ll know he or she is learning practical STEM skills. They will acquire Creative problem solving. In each Robotics for Kids class, your child participates in creative and challenging activities that encourage a love of science, technology and engineering at an early age.
  2. Fun, hands-on activities. Our interactive exercises engage kids’ hands, as well as their minds great for children who learn in different ways.
  3. Ongoing communication. We keep you up-to-speed on the robotics and STEM skills your child is learning and what to expect next.

Founded in 2000 by Ph.D doctors of Engineering from Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea, RoboRobo strives to study and develop educational robot courses and tools from elementary schools to universities in a global scale.

RoboRobo strives to promote the science education incorporating STEM education with creativity of students. RoboRobo education system includes sensor, electronics, and machinery and computer technology education and equips intelligence to robots using computer programs. RoboRobo intends to make every endeavor to establish true STEM education at the standpoint of educators and cultivate all students to grow up with scientific talents who are equipped with the capabilities to obtain new aspect of challenging the world. 

RoboRobo continues to equip students with the capabilities to obtain new results by developing their own areas through creative thinking abilities, logical and scientific problem-solving abilities, inspiring students to challenge 21st century.

RoboRobo’s focus on STEM education incorporates students’ Scientific, Technological, Engineering, and Mathematical aspects of learning.


  • Program, Download and Control is available through Bluetooth Communication with PC and Mobile.
  • You can control Robots by using Voice and Video Camera recognition with RoboRobo application via Tablet and Smartphone.

Robot Kits are designed for children 8 and up. Thoughtfully created to develop skills and knowledge in robotics. Each kit contains a CPU, DC Motors, Sensors and much more to have students build their own robots with bolts and nuts. Programming of the robot is done with a Rogic Program, which is developed in a GUI environment for easy understanding and enjoyment. The Rogic Program is available on PC, as well as Smartphone and Tablets in Android and iOS. With so many options students can continue their programming excitements everywhere they go. 


  1. Improvement in Creativity: Students will explore activities that build self-knowledge and creativity. Students can choose their learning method based on different skills and tasks. With the use of different parts and accessories, students can use their imagination by building a real robot.
  2. Logical problem solving:  Through various learning lessons, students will improve their logical and problem-solving skills. Robo Kit involves technological, mechanical, and electronic aspects of cooperative science education.
  3. Capability of Exploration: Develop skills in respecting other team-member’s ideas and incorporate with one’s ability. Increase in teamwork through various activities and missions that also develop student’s social skills and self-esteem. Incorporates application of basic fundamental science knowledge and implementing principles to everyday life.

Consists of six different levels:

  1. Beginner (Robo Kit 1),
  2. Intermediate (Robo Kit 2),
  3. Advanced (Robo Kit 3),
  4. Professional 1 (Robo Kit 4),
  5. Professional 2 (Robo Kit 5), and
  6. Professional 3(RoboKit-6)

Instead of simple assemblies, Robo Kit Series incorporates science focused on safe circuits and modules, activating students’ brains through hands-on robot building. It can be easily disassembled with a screwdriver.

Robo Kit is designed to build upon previous levels students have learned to move on to the next stage of programming. Our curriculum is designed with real pictures for easy understanding and assembly, as well as step by step guidance of programming. Students are also asked to review their own work, so as to encourage their self-esteem and problem-solving skills.

Students can understand complex programming within the GUI environment in the Rogic Program. It is designed with a flowchart concept, which builds in-depth logical thinking and math skills. The Rogic Program will help to control everything from simple functions to complex functions. It also introduces the C-Language, which leads to more professional and technical details of the programming.


Robo Kit 1 is a beginner course of the Robo Kit series, designed to help students learn the basic knowledge of assembling robots, as well as principles of electricity and electronic structure, all in process of making their first robot. Using simply a driver and nuts and bolts, students will have opportunities to build their own robots from scratch. Likewise, Students also can learn about various types of components, such as LEDs, buzzers, DC motors and the basic function of sensors. Besides assembling, students will also be introduced to the GUI Rogic Program. Students will learn easy programming processes and understand concepts of coding and various movements through Rogic Program with PC, Smart Phone, or Tablet.


  •    Kit 2 includes 10 additional robots from Kit 1.
  •    Kit 2 can make 21 Robots.

Robo Kit 2 includes Upgrade Kit 1-2, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 1. This course introduces more complicated programming of robots with additional parts. Robo Kit 2 includes Servomotors and IR sensors, which introduce more movement and sensibility, limited only by the student's own creativity. Each of the robots includes the ability to program new chips in Rogic Program. Students will find it fun to see more complex programming.


  •    Kit 3 includes additional 21 Robots from Kit 1 & Kit 2.
  •    Robo kit 3 can make 31 robots.

Robo Kit 3 includes Upgrade Kit 2-3, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 2. At this level, students will be introduced to a high speed DC motor along with more sensors. In this course, students can coordinate fancy robots with accessories to compete in class or at home.


  •    Kit 4 includes additional 31 Robots from Kit 1, Kit 2 & Kit 3.
  •    Robo kit 4 can make total 39 robots.

Robo Kit 4 includes Upgrade Kit 3-4, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 3. In this course, students will be introduced to assembly and driving of a more complicated structure by using the interface board, which supports longer power. With extra servomotors and parts, students can also program more complex and exciting motions for the robot. Robo Kit 4 includes more missions in each chapter as well as more complex programming through Rogic.


  •    Kit 5 includes additional 39 Robots from Kit 1, Kit 2, Kit 3 & Kit 4.
  •    Robo kit 5 can make total 47 robots.

Robo Kit 5 includes Upgrade Kit 4-5, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 4. In this course, students will be introduced Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth module will help wireless communication in a short distance between robot and students. Students will learn the difference between IR communication and Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth Chip in the Rogic Program, Students will be able to control their own robot from distance.


  •    Kit 6 includes additional 47 Robots from Kit 1, Kit 2, Kit 3, Kit 4 & Kit 5.
  •    Robo kit 6 can make 52 Robots.

Robo Kit 6 includes Upgrade Kit 5-6, which allows upgrade from Robo Kit 5. In this course, students will use all previous programming skills and parts at a professional level. Students can study a more complicated program that is necessary to control the robot in-depth. More accessories will help to create more robust robots and allow students to compete with family and friends to see which robot has more programs to complete their missions first.



​Robo Kids are designed for children 5 to 7, thoughtfully created to help younger children understand robot technology. Each kit is based on the useful and various assembly blocks that contain special circuits such as CPUs, contact sensors, and IR sensor blocks. Programming of the robots is done with a card-reader system called "Funny Cards." Robo Kids is specially developed to foster their creativity and activate their brain by assembling robots.


  1. Improvements on Understanding:  Motor block, Sensor block, CPU block and other tools will help students understand the concept of robotics by observing different outcomes from different angles and planning through steps, students will further increase their understanding of robotics.
  2. Improvement in Creativity: Robo Kids contains colorful blocks that encourage students to design their own robots. While students assemble robots, they will increase their ability to create, express and observe.
  3. Improvements on emotional achievement:  Creating a robot with blocks to express different objects will help to improve sensibility of environment as well as creativity. Also, the end result of student's creative robots will encourage student and give them a sense of self-esteem.

All the parts consist of blocks, which are easy to assemble. Blocks contain special circuits for robotic movements. By using simple cable connections and buttons, you can move your own robots. Each chapter includes a lesson goal with a story to understand robotics. Students will understand how to program their own robots and create their own ways to control them.


  • Each step consists with the lesson goal for easy understanding.
  • Each of the assembly parts is accompanied by with pictures.
  • Each lesson is designed with contents according to the robots.


Funny Card Program: Easy Programming Cards that are barcoded will help students program their own robots through a Card-Reader system without needing a computer!

 Fun Programming:     By using the Funny Cards, students can easily program their robots. Simply choose the movement of cards and swipe through card-reader system!

Robo Kids 1 is designed to help students with easy understanding of basic knowledge of robots. Robo Kids can learn basic understanding of robotics and build skills through assembling parts in blocks. Blocks contain special circuits that will help students to create movement through Card-reader system with funny cards. Each Robot will have three to four different cards to operate special movements by swiping a card through the Card-reader system. Robo Kids will help young children to enjoy assembling blocks while easily programming without computer.

Robo Kids 2 in bring more in-depth learning of Robots by assembling complicated sensors and special circuit blocks. Through the Card-reader system and the wired remote control, Robo Kids 2, will help deepen children’s creativity. Children can make more complicated robots with various types of sensors and blocks available. This system will allow students to create various robots and build logical thinking and understand operation without needing computer programming skills.

Electronic Kit provides education with entertainment, which students will learn about complex electronic fundamentals just like playing with blocks it is expandable with the use of different circuit boards, which will increase the systematic learning experience of electronics. The Electronic Kit is designed to be flexible on age, skills and time, Principles of electronics will lead to a further understanding of studies as well as a problem-solving ability. The fundamental story of robots to problem-solving steps will help students to expand their knowledge and creativity.


  1. Increase in Scientific Understanding: Education electronics establishes a new paradigm of education by creating a variety of circuits with different blocks. Learning through trial-error and problem-solving, students can increase their emotional achievement. Electronic Kit introduces to the total science of mechanics, electronics, IT and more.
  2. Activities including Fun and Education:  Learning electronic fundamentals using blocks will bring fun, education to students. After understanding the basics of each lesson, students will create robot blocks that can be used in real life.
  3. Safe and solder-free products: Electronic kit is designed in blocks to avoid danger of burn or inhale of air from soldering by connecting circuits in blocks, Electronic Kit is safe and easy to use.

Previous Circuit Studies:  

Previous education in electronics was based on the Breadboard, which was a complicated process of connecting several circuit parts...

RoboRobo Circuit Studies:
Using the circuit blocks, connection between circuits is easy to understand. Student’s approach to electronics education is made fun and easy through step by step practice.

Animal Kit is designed for students to learn about robotics without any programming. Each kit can be transformed into four different shapes of animals. It is suitable for beginners and parts can be easily assembled with bolts, nuts, and animal stickers. 

Animal bot uses the bilateral-axle DC motor, so it can walk around you! Be the first one to find out how to move the legs and decorate its face with cute animal stickers!


Upgrade kit is designed for flexibility of students who already have Animal Kit 1 to move on to the next level. Upgrade Kit consists of additional parts that are required in the next level of Animal Kit series. Currently, Animal Kit upgrades are 1-2.